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Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
From: 3600 €
In vitro fertilization-IVF
From: 3600 €
Egg Donation
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Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques
Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy
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Dr. Garavelas Athanasios is an Obstetrician Gynecologist Surgeon specialized in Reproductive Endocrinology and Assisted Reproduction. Dr. Garavelas currently maintains a private practice office in Athens, Rome, Milan, Cyprus and London.

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Dimitriou Vasiliou 15, Neo Psichiko
Languages Spoken
English, Italian, Greek, French



Patient rated the doctor

Just had fertility scan and the dr was shocked at what he saw. Whatever you have done my right ovary has eight follicles. The left one that is half the size and never worked appears to be 50% working and he could see four small follicles. When I get the results including bloods I will forward them to your team.
Thanks again.


Patient rated the doctor

 I had been told by UK doctors that my chance of conceiving naturally or through IVF were negligible. So I thought I would give PRP ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy a go. The booking process was easy to arrange and at the clinic I had my own personal interpreter. The procedure was simple and quick and I was on a tour bus around Athens by 3pm the day of the procedure. I was amazed 40 days later after the procedure I had a positive pregnancy test! Dr Garavelas was so helpful with advice on medication to help support the pregnancy. Overall my experience of the procedure and the clinic has been nothing short of amazing.

I hope this helps. I would be happy to speak to any other British couples who are considering the procedure to talk about my experience.

Kind regards,



Patient rated the doctor

Good evening , I wanted to warn you that Saturday, May 19 were born my 2 little angels George and Greta a dream that was realized only thanks to prof.Garavelas that I will never stop to thank !!!!! thanks for everything and I hope that many other couples they can live this beautiful experience of becoming parents.


Patient rated the doctor

After about 7 years of attempts, initially with fivet / icsi in Tuscany and then in Barcelona, ​​we had lost hope. The embryos were formed well but to attack every time not even thinking about it
It was a hard path, made up of hopes and disappointments, hormonal treatments, mood swings, risks of hyperstimulation etc. etc.
After finishing all the embryos available in October 2017, we were resigned to not trying anymore.
Almost by chance browsing the internet I read of this Clinic in Athene the IO LIFE, of which the referent Dr. Attanasio Garavellas, we spoke very well; so I left the credentials to be contacted.
After a few weeks we were contacted by the clinic’s referent (very kind and speaks Italian!) Who told us that Dr. Garavellas would be in Italy in Rome and Milan on 2 dates in January.
So we set a first visit. The Doctor advised us to see the repeated failures, despite the age not too advanced, to try with an egg donation, reassuring about timing,% success and a large donor offer in order to be sure to have a profile more ‘ suitable for my connotations.
Obviously if on the one hand this made me reflect on the goodness of the choice, on the other there was a nice advantage in terms of hormonal stimulation that I would have avoided.
We decide to accept and try. So let’s have a first trip to Athene to see the environment and realize on the spot who we would have entrusted our hopes once again.
Once in Athene we went to the clinic, a beautiful modern structure, divided into 2 pavilions, 1 dedicated to infant medicine and 1 to assisted procreation.
We were finally welcomed as people and not as numbers, even as we stayed a few days we organized a tour to see the most ‘beautiful monuments and museums of athene! A show!
Remaining happily affected, we made a first check-up and set a new indicative date for the transfer of the embryo formed with the donor’s egg.
We are so back on March 26th and March 30th there was the Transfer.
During this time we were constantly followed both with the indications of therapy and the updating of the state of health.
On April 14th we made the first check of the Beta 1234 !!!! After two days we repeated 2769 !!!
We are today at 7 weeks and everything goes well! and if it is true that it is always early and we must be cautious, on the other hand we want to shout our joy, and thank Dr.Gavavelas and his staff, for the professionalism and affection that those who have and they are transmitting to us, but above all for this dream that allowed us to live !!



Patient rated the doctor

I’m in the eighth week and I’m still incredulous and fearful in declaring it, after so long I’ve been so long, I’m still focusing on the fact that desire has come true.

in the extreme I have gone from all phases, from the days of ovulation, to visits, to ultrasound to monitor ovulation, but always with no results and always with the feeling of feeling alone in my struggle.

I tried the etherologist twice in italy and failed miserably, I was about to get to the third disappointment when I discovered the promised land, or greece.

I met with Prof. Garavelas, in rome, and said the fact, timelessly wasted to make the same examinations for the millennium, without waiting list, nothing, simplicity and precision. So a month after the meeting I was in Athens and my puppy attacked without delay.

the truth is that Greece in this field is ten years ahead of us so it is clear that the results are different.


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