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Our vision: Optimized chances through a Data-Driven Fertility Journey

You deserve more!

Our ambition is to automate the whole fertility journey, answering difficult and essential questions:

These questions do not have a 100% right answer. But we aspire to give an unbiased and accurate answer to women, based on our cooperating clinics’ previous cases, medical files and results.

Start Your Fertility Journey With Us

MEDIPASS is a company that transforms the fertility journey for women!.

The idea came from one of our founder’s personal experience, having a close family member diagnosed with a fertility issue while needing support through that difficult time. It was a stressful journey in which they were trying to find the right doctor, according to their needs. That was the time we observed how difficult it was for people dealing with infertility to find the right treatment in their home country or abroad. Our mission was clear! To provide everyone the safest, personalized and data-driven fertility journey so as to optimize the chances of a successful outcome!

With MEDIPASS, you can be sure your fertility journey will be as stress-free as possible so you can focus on what really matters.

Our philosophy is based on Trust, Transparency and Commitment to provide you with the best solution. Our experienced team is dedicated and focused on your wellbeing. No matter the severity or complexity of your medical need; we are here every step of the way!


And you have our undivided support!

Our Team

Our different backgrounds are complementary while our vision is the glue that keeps everything together.

Eftychia Salta

Effie Salta


An auditory type, hearing and empathizing with people’s needs. Making sure that everyone involved gets the personalized support they deserve. Many years of experience in CS positions (AIA, TP Apple’s Project, NTUA) A strong start-up mentality and passion for people.

nick stassinopoulos

Nick Stasinopoulos


He builds our user-friendly platform and leads business development initiatives. He has a strong background in Sales, e-business, IT and is skilled in growth marketing and web development. A “live and learn” mentality and a strong believer that personal growth is the most important factor for prosperity and continuity.

vivi georgakopoulou

Vivi Georgakopoulou

Operations Manager

The one to attract new doctors & clinics while managing all administrative affairs. Scientific Assistant of a member of the Hellenic Parliament for over 10 years, handling parliamentary affairs and legislative processes with an emphasis in the Health Sector. Specialization in Management of Health as an economist. Eager to watch the company grow by building strong partnerships.

evgenia spentza

Evgenia Spentza

Marketing Manager

She who handles our social presence. Constantly trying to create engaging content in order to attract more people and make trustful relationships between the company and its audience. Marketing is not just another sales tool, it’s our way of communicating our values and our purpose.

Through our diversity, our demonstrated resilience and commitment and our willingness to succeed, we have laid the groundwork for distinction. Fertility industry needs to change and only people like us can make this change happen.

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