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Dr. Papanikolaou performs Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy

Ovarian Rejuvenation Through Platelet-Rich Autologous Plasma (PRP) is a Chance to Have a Baby Without Donor Eggs, Improving the Life Quality of Women Suffering from Early Menopause Without Synthetic Hormonal Treatment.

The concept behind the clinical use of PRP is to harness the natural biological components of a patient’s blood. Stem cells are found naturally in your body and have the unique ability to transform into any type of human cell, including nerve and tissue cells. When the growth factors in PRP stimulate stem cells in the ovaries, it can increase the amount of healthy, viable eggs you have.

The emergence of autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy reflects a breakthrough for infertile patients with premature ovarian failure.

It refers to sub-fertile women for decreased ovarian reserve (DOR) or premature ovarian insufficiency (POI).

PRP treatment for ovarian rejuvenation procedure

  1. the preparation of the PRP
  2. the infusion of PRP into the ovaries.

The protocol for ovarian rejuvenation includes two steps. The first is the preparation of the PRP. This begins from drawing blood for the woman and then isolates with specific techniques including centrifugation and aspiration of the PRP. This results in a high concentration of growth factors that your doctor injects into your ovaries.

The first part requires about 30minutes. The second part is the injection of the PRP into the two ovaries. 
The process begins with the patient getting administered IV sedation.

The amvyx OMNIPLEXTM PRP is an innovative and clinically proven PRP system, of 4th generation design, which allows the extraction of high concentration PRP (≥7x baseline) at high quantities with excellent quality characteristics

With cellular recovery rates over 85% of available platelets from 40ml of initial blood volume, and 96% cell viability, OMNIPLEX PRP raises the benchmark in PRP systems by offering therapeutic concentrations from 5x to 9x baseline, in amounts from 5ml to 2ml respectively, depending on application requirements.

In ovarian rejuvenation PRP is directly injected into a patient’s ovaries with her own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), infusing the ovaries with proteins rich in growth factors and stem-cell chemoattractants. Dr. Papanikolaou usually uses 3-4ml for each ovary.

PRP injections into the ovaries were performed by dr. Papanikolaou with a special 25G needle, 20 cm in length, as an ultrasound-guided procedure or a laparoscopic-assisted approach.
The PRP injections into the ovaries are safe.

Because the doctor with this procedure uses your blood for PRP injections, your risk for infection or rejection is very low.

Post the procedure you will go to recovery and may feel some cramping.

Your provider evaluates your overall health and ensures you can tolerate the rejuvenation procedure before moving forward.

The efficacy of this procedure must be evaluated the following 1-6 months with the woman undergoing hormonal tests FSH, E2, AMH and AFC.

One of the biggest benefits of ovarian rejuvenation is the increase in the likelihood you’ll be able to conceive a child using your eggs.


With EnPLAF, the ultrasound-guided ovarian injection technique is identical to PRP. But what is inserted into ovarian tissue is highly enriched (and platelet-free) autologous growth factors instead. Studies indicate that the concentration of growth factors may be as much as 10-15 times higher than with PRP alone.

Advantages of EnPLAF PRP

  • EnPLAF does not have live platelets, so it is not painful
  • It has an excellent shelf life because it has no live cells, just biological factors (proteins)
  • It can be stored for long without losing activity
  • It can be refrigerated or even frozen for future use
  • It retains activity after freeze-thaw and thus has a much better shelf life
  • It has a higher concentration of factors

EnPLAF derivation has a standardized protocol for extraction – harvesting a fixed amount of product in each run. Total control. Total reliability.

Learn more about ovarian rejuvenation in Greece.

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Dr. Papanikolaou performs Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy