Maternal Spindle Transfer (MST) by IO LIFE and Dr. Garavelas

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Currently IO LIFE has been licensed from the National Medically Assisted Reproduction Authority to validate the ST technology in human oocytes, performing a series of clinical trials on donor eggs and explore its feasibility in the treatment of infertility problems attributed to cytoplasmic defects in the oocyte.

MRT in general is designed to prevent the transmission of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) diseases from mother to child. The spindle transfer (ST) technique is based on the transfer of the nuclear genome from the oocyte of an affected woman into an oocyte from a healthy donor that has had its own nuclear genome removed. 

At the moment, while the prevalence of patients with mtDNA diseases is not so common, one of the main causes of repeated IVF failure, e.g., implantation failure, in assisted reproduction techniques (ART) has been attributed to defects affecting the cytoplasm of the oocyte rather than nuclear DNA deficiencies. For these cases of infertility caused by ooplasmic defects, the transfer of the spindle-chromosome complex into a donor oocyte could thus represent a very valuable strategy to overcome this problem. Moreover, this ST technique would permit infertile women to have their own biological children, avoiding such couples to go through an egg donation cycle that would result in a baby not genetically related to the mother.

IO LIFE is the only specialized center in Europe with a competitive price package for this treatment.

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Maternal Spindle Transfer (MST) by IO LIFE and Dr. Garavelas