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Fertility treatment costs in Europe

Have you ever found yourself lost in the Internet while trying to gather the information you desire? If you struggle with infertility, you have surely spent hours trying to find which fertility clinic and doctor are best for you, what are the fertility treatment costs, the procedures, the legal requirements, etc.

The most common thing we are asked when talking to patients is of course the cost of the fertility treatments. Fertility treatments are expensive, especially in countries like the UK and the US, and that is why people try to find other countries as alternatives. Countries like Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus etc. There, the prices may be lower but the quality of doctors and the success rates are remaining high.

Speaking exclusively about Greece, there are more than 40 IVF clinics, offering a wide range of fertility treatments in reasonable prices and with high success rates. Indicatively, IVF success rates in the country are at 55%, while the universal average success rate for IVF treatment fluctuates between 30-40% percent overall. 

GreeceBetween 3,000€ and 7,000€
SpainBetween 3,500€ and 7,000€
North CyprusBetween 2,000€ and 4,000€
United KingdomAround 5,000€
DenmarkBetween 2,500€ and 5,000€
PolandBetween 2,500€ and 5,500€
Czech RepublicAround 3,000€
PortugalAround 4,000€

We should again point out that each clinic has its own price, and that when it says that one cycle starts from 2,500€ the overall price of the treatment will be higher (including consultations, medications, etc.). So, even the price range might differ and also the maximum price for a specific country even exceed the above maximum prices. Also, prices, especially for egg donation might change catholically for a country in every start of the year (as it happened in January 2023 per example in Greece), so you should pay attention for price changes per country and per clinic.

GreeceBetween 4,000€ and 7,000€
SpainBetween 6,000€ and 11,000€
North CyprusBetween 4,500€ and 5,000€
United KingdomBetween 8,000€ and 12,000€
DenmarkBetween 4,000€ and 8,000€
PolandBetween 4,000€ and 6,000€
Czech RepublicBetween 4,500€ and 8,000€
PortugalBetween 6,000€ and 8,000€
GreeceBetween 2,500€ and 3,500€
SpainBetween 3,500€ and 5,000€
North CyprusAround 2,000€
United KingdomBetween 3,000€ and 4,000€
DenmarkAround 3,000€
PolandBetween 1,600€ and 2,200€
Czech RepublicBetween 2,000€ and 3,000€
PortugalAround 2,000€

What you have to pay attention when searching for egg freezing: This kind of fertility treatment is not performed for social reasons in every European country. In some countries, like the UK, egg freezing for patients undergoing medical treatment affecting fertility is NHS funded, but social freezing not.

As of May 2022, Greece has allowed egg freezing for social reasons too, and not only medical.

Other countries that allow social freezing are Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

The other thing you should pay attention to is how many years the eggs can be stored. In Greece, egg freezing is permitted for 5 years. The duration of oocyte cryopreservation may be extended for 5 years each time (provided that the woman has not reached the age of 50) following an application in writing by the interested parties, with a maximum extension limit of 20 years.

In the UK, women can store their eggs for up to 55 years, providing they reconsent every 10 years.

In Germany you can store them up to 10 years, and the same you can do in Switzerland. In Spain, there is no maximum time to remain preserved.

And now is time to introduce you to the new revolutionary fertility treatment that promises to turn back time and restore fertility? Sounds exciting, right? Of course we are talking for Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy.

According to the New York Fertility Institute, ovarian rejuvenation is more suitable for perimenopausal and menopausal women who have POF or low egg reserves. It specifically has greater impact on women typically younger than 40 with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), women with early perimenopause, women who have a low ovarian reserve, and those with low Anti-Mullerian (AMH) hormone (AMH) levels and menopausal or perimenopausal women under the age of 50 years. Prices start from 2,000€ in Greece and it is also performed in Spain and some parts of the US.

We advise you to do a thorough research before you decide where to perform your fertility treatment.

It is not an easy task, but that is why we are here! To make the process smoother. We can help with your inquiries if you choose Greece as your fertility destination, and by cooperating with 9 highly-experienced clinics and doctors we guarantee that you will receive the maximum of attention and care.

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Fertility treatment costs in Europe