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Dr. Garavelas performs Egg Donation

  • Customized therapeutic protocols tailor made to each client’s needs.
  • Unmatched guarantees, including the minimum of 7 mature healthy eggs and 2 embryos ready for transfer.

Optional costs:

  • Vitrification (high speed freezing)
  • Collection and freezing of the seminal fluid
  • Any decongelations and transfers after the first, for cryopreserved embryos – by attempt


  • Selection of the donor compatible with the recipient according to your requirements (height, weight, eye color, hair color, blood type).
  • We guarantee 7 mature oocytes and two healthy embryos for the transfer in the case of normozoospermia without serious diseases.
  • In case the donor does not produce enough oocytes, we will give you a new treatment with a new donor without any additional cost

Egg Donation preparation

  • Initial consultation
  • An initial telephone or online (Skype) consultation with Dr. Garavelas is arranged, in order for the doctor to analyze each case and to guide clients through the whole process. Alternatively, an on-site consultation may be arranged in Athens, Rome or Milan, so that the clients can have a personal meeting with the doctor.
  • Required Tests for Women:
  • Blood group and Rh factor
  • Blood Test for STDs (hepatitis B and C, HIV, Syphilis ), CMV IgG/IgM, Rubella IgG/IgM, Toxoplasmosis IgG/IgM
  • Urology and fallopian tube ultrasound
  • Phospholipids
  • Mammography (for over 40-year-old women)
  • Cervical cultures (Pap test of Urea plasma, mycoplasma and chlamydia)
  • Our database consists of young, extensively analyzed and healthy donors, compatible with individual client’s characteristics.
  • We can search donors in our database to find the best match for each case, within 24 hours of the initial request.
  • The donors are not shared. The donor is exclusive for each client.

Required Tests for Men

  • Blood Analysis for Sexually Transmitted STDs (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis)
  • Sperm gram
  • Cystic fibrosis

Visiting Athens, Greece

The patients’ visit is scheduled when our coordinator finds a donor suitable for them and when they confirm the characteristics of the donor of their choice. We then prepare a transfer preparation protocol.

Duration of stay (Options)

  • 3 days: if patients wish to use frozen semen from day one and undergo an ultrasound on the 10th day of home preparation, sending us the results by email, it is recommended they arrive one day before the embryo transfer.
  • Approximately 7 days: if the ultrasound is performed on the 10th day of home preparation and clients send us the results, they may arrive one day before the oocyte retrieval to leave the sample of fresh semen.
  • Approximately 10 days: if the ultrasound is performed on the 10th day of preparation in our clinic, patient arrive at the clinic on the day of the ultrasound.

Male partners may prefer to stay in Athens one or two days.

Egg Donation procedure

  1. The preparation begins on the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle.
  2. Approximately 10 days after the beginning of the preparation, it is necessary to visit the doctor and perform an ultrasound scan to check the thickness of the endometrium.
  3. Around the 12th day of the preparation, the donor’s oocytes will be collected under general anesthesia. On the same day, a sperm sample will be collected for fertilization (in case the semen has not be already left for freezing on the day of the first visit or if seed from the donor will not used). Embryo culture lasts between 3-5 days and it is possible to talk with the embryologist every day, in order to be informed on the process of embryos’ development.
  4. 15-17 days after the beginning of the preparation, the embryos will be transferred. At this stage, we transfer 1-2 embryos. The quantity of embryos to be transferred will be discussed with the patient in order for the doctor and the embryologist to make the optimal decision. Unused and healthy embryos can be frozen and used later if the first attempt has not been successful.
  5. 15 days after the embryo transfer, the patient will take a pregnancy test.

Please note that

  • Donations in Greece are anonymous.
  • Our donors are mostly made up of university students. At our clinic, all donors must undergo blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases and examinations for genetic defects in order to ensure safety for our patients and their children.
  • Patients may choose the color of the eyes, hair, body weight, height and blood type of the donor.
  • Our program is based on the “one-to-one” principle of matching, which means that a donor is assigned to each recipient and all oocytes from the donor are available only for this specific recipient.

Success rate: Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we achieve success rate of 80% for egg donation.

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Dr. Garavelas performs Egg Donation