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Assisting Nature performs Egg Donation

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a fertility treatment involving the donation of oocytes from an anonymous donor to a couple or a single woman, mainly due to age factor, ovarian failure (early menopause), ovarian insufficiency, multiple miscarriages, rare genetic conditions that may be inherited, chemotherapy or ovarian surgery. 

An initial visit to our clinic is a prerequisite as it allows you to be informed about our oocyte donation program, meet our Team, perform all the necessary tests and sign all the legal consents according to the Greek law. In addition, the possibility of semen cryopreservation is offered.
Then we start the matching process. We select the most appropriate donor based on a series of criteria (ovarian reserve, age less than 32, appearance, education status, psychological screening, general body outfit). When you are ready to start treatment a hormone and ultrasound follow up of your endometrium is taking place either in Assisting Nature or at your home city with your OB-GYN under our supervision. As soon as your endometrium is ready, we plan your visit for the embryo transfer.
All available oocytes are fertilized with the husband’s sperm and one or two embryos are transferred to the recipient’s uterus. If surplus good quality embryos are available, they can be cryopreserved for future use. 

Choosing an egg donor

Initially, oocyte donors fill out the oocyte donation application and a medical history form. These application forms are very extensive and cover every detail, from standard information like date of birth to medical history data. All our donors undergo a rigorous screening and thorough medical examination.
Furthermore, phenotypic characteristics are noted, such as eyes and hair color, height and weight, skin tones. The psychological evaluation should be obligatory. 30% of women being psychologically evaluated are disqualified. A woman may be 100% physically fit to donate her oocytes but her psychological state might be inadequate. 

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Assisting Nature performs Egg Donation