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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) by Dr. Grigorakis

AI has already started to impact many aspects of our lives, one might say positively if it is used with caution.

There are for example, many companies in the fertility sector – as long as hospitals, clinics, and doctors- that with AI by their side try to enhance the success of IVF treatment.

One of those examples are with the Embryo Ranking Intelligent Classification Algorithm (ERICA) System, and with the Embrace Test, both performed by our cooperating Dr. Stylianos Grigorakis, in the premises of IoLife IASO clinic.

Embryo Ranking Intelligent Classification Algorithm (ERICA) System

Erica is the most artificial intelligence system for the ranking of embryos in IVF.

It analyses the result of each embryos and ranks them according to their viability .

It optimizes the embryo selection process selecting the most suitable embryo for transfer

Embryo Analysis of Culture Environment (EMBRACE)

Embrace Test is a non invasive embryonic genetic test that allows doctors to select which embryo has the highest probability of being genetically normal.

The embryo develops in a drop of liquid called culture medium. DNA from the medium is collected and analyzed from the specialists embryologists .

It classifies the embryos according to their chance of being healthy. The best quality embryos will be given the highest score and prioritized for transfer . This method is unique and is used to achieve successful results with a non invasive test that requires no additional handling of the embryo, which always remain safe in the laboratory.

If you want to learn more about the processes and the doctor, reach out to us by requesting a quote, or via chat.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) by Dr. Grigorakis