Embryo donation

Embryo donation, sometimes called embryo adoption, offers frozen embryos the potential of life. IVF sometimes produces extra embryos and these embryos are usually kept in storage for a limited amount of time. In some cases, a couple chooses not to keep their embryos but to donate them instead, allowing the recipient mother the chance to carry her adopted child and control the prenatal environment.
The fertility specialist can help you understand how embryo donation works while ensuring you that the donors are matched as closely as possible with the recipient couple for characteristics such as hair color, eye color, occupation and even interests.

Trompoukis Sotiris

Dr. Trompoukis was part of a team of experts that announced the conception and birth of the first Greek IVF baby. He has been providing established IVF services all over Greece and abroad with consistently high successful pregnancy rates.
Embryo donation
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