Ovarian Rejuvenation success stories

“Hello Vivi and the magic team of the Greek Fertility Centre.
I came exactly one year ago for a PRP treatment… Six months later I got a positive pregnancy test. 
I was waiting the second trimester ultrasound scan to announce you the good news (fearing till then of another miscarriage).
I am currently 22 weeks pregnant, we are expecting a baby boy for the beginning of December.
Very excited but still a little bit anxious.
We would like to thank the charming Dr. Mattheos for this job that might have helped Mother Nature with an “old” lady of 43 (with a low AMH).
Best regards”

Patient at Crete Fertility Centre

What is Ovarian Rejuvenation?

Every woman is born with all the eggs that will be available for conception during her reproductive life, and the supply of eggs decreases in number and genetic quality as the age progresses. Ovarian rejuvenation solves a problem that seemed unsurpassable in the past, through injections of growth factors made of the patient’s own blood and blood cells. The method was discovered at Harvard University and it is absolutely safe, as it involves no chemicals and no risk of infections, virus transmissions, or allergic reactions.

What is the process?

The process involves two phases: 

  1. The preparation of the patient’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which involves blood collection through the insertion of a needle into the vein and separation of white globules and platelets from red blood cells and serum;
  2. The injection of PRP into the ovaries through a nonsurgical, transvaginal ultrasound– guided injection performed under sedation with an anesthetic agent.  

Ovarian Rejuvenation Success rates

At Crete Fertility Centre, the PRP ovarian rejuvenation success ranges from 35% to 75%, with age being an important factor. Although success cannot be 100 % guaranteed, ovarian rejuvenation clinical trials do not entail complications or side effects. Our PRP ovarian rejuvenation success stories in 2019 include cases of patients who had a natural conception after PRP treatment. In others cases, FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) reached normal levels, and pregnancies were achieved after IVF treatment, even when before the PRP treatment the patients did not respond to ovarian stimulation. 
Some of our ovarian rejuvenation clinical trials 2019 produced the following results:

  • A 46-years-old woman got pregnant after PRP treatment; previously, she was cancelled twice because of no ovarian respond. 
  • A 44-years-old American woman had a natural conception after having a PRP in our clinic 6 months ago.
  • A 43-years-old woman from Australia gave birth to a child after having a PRP in our clinic a few months ago (the baby was conceived naturally).

Dr. Garavelas at the IO Life Clinic, the overall PRP therapy response rate is over 70%, whereas over 90% of patients have significant improvement in ovarian function. There were 7 pregnancies and 4 babies (3 deliveries until the beginning of 2018) out of 28 ovarian rejuvenation procedures in total, which corresponds to a 25% pregnancy rate in the group of responding patients. Also, 8 of 28 patients had their period back in less than 6 months. In 10 patients we had oocytes/embryos (some of them vitrified).
Some of our ovarian rejuvenation clinical trials produced the following results:

  • A 43-year-old woman conceived naturally 5 months after intra ovarian PRP injection, and delivered a healthy baby boy, after having tried unsuccessfully for 5 years. In vitro fertilization were unsuccessful in producing a viable pregnancy, due to poor eggs quality (mainly due to age). 
  • A 41-year-old woman got pregnant three months after intra ovarian PRP therapy and delivered her baby in January, 2019. The woman was previously trying to get pregnant for 2 years, but IVF failed to produce viable eggs.

Both clinics that MEDIPASS cooperates with, have been performing PRP treatments for the last 3 years, to patients coming in Greece specifically for this reason from all over the world. Their results, are often mentioned in global ovarian rejuvenation reviews and some of them are indicated in the testimonials as follows:

“Just had fertility scan and the Dr. was shocked at what he saw. Whatever you have done my right ovary has eight follicles. The left one that is half the size and never worked appears to be 50% working and he could see four small follicles. When I get the results including bloods, I will forward them to your team.
Thanks again.

Patient of Dr Garavelas

“Hi Vivi.
I will take the opportunity to e-mail you.
Hope all of you are well and doing great. We have done FSH and WE test after 4 months. The results look promising! FSH- 8.4
Today is the 4th day of her period.
Waiting for Dr. further advice on how to proceed.

Patient at Crete Fertility Centre

“One day my husband was doing research and came across Dr. Garavelas and his Ovarian Rejuvenation Treatment. My husband and I thought this may be the answer to our prayers in having a child. Ovarian Rejuvenation consists of using injections made of stem cells from your own cells. The process helps increase a woman’s egg count increasing the chances of you getting pregnant naturally with your partner. I had the procedure completed by Dr. Garavelas in December 2017. It was painless and lasted less than an hour. For the procedure, you are put to sleep. When I awoke, I had minimum pain, more of maybe a little discomfort, but nothing to complain about. Miraculously I had gotten my period 5 days after the procedure, which is unheard of, but did indeed happen! My husband and I made love after having my period and 1-2 weeks later we were told by my gynecologist that we were pregnant! We have a beautiful baby girl now and we couldn’t have had a baby without Dr. Garavelas’ assistance. We are forever grateful and blessed for the entire procedure and God’s grace. I would hands down recommend this procedure to any woman who is over 30 and who has gone through fertility treatments that have failed cycle after cycle. Ovarian Rejuvenation literally rejuvenates your eggs and makes it more feasible to get pregnant naturally.”

Patient of Dr Garavelas

If you are interested in the treatment or just need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Ovarian Rejuvenation success stories