IVF by Dr. Kalampokas

Dr. Kalampokas’ extensive experience in the renowned IVF Unit of Aberdeen University, one of the main pillars of scientific development in the United Kingdom, guarantees that he is using the latest and most innovative IVF clinical methods in Greece.

Such practices that are among the latest developments in IVF worldwide are brought to Greece, thanks to Dr. Kalampokas’ experience, and they are extremely useful for infertile couples. 


Stage 1 – Patients Update-Clinical Tests

All couples are required to attend the first diagnostic visit to the clinic. During this visit, they will be informed on different alternatives, after having been clinically tested. The clinical tests results are critical for the selection of the appropriate therapy. 

Stage 2 – Cooperation

The second visit will take place after the right time has passed in order for the couple to be ready to select the right therapy under the doctor’s guidance. If required, the couple will be asked to answer questionnaires, to fill-in forms of consent and to provide relevant information. 

Stage 3 – Consulting

Before, during and after the process, we provide consulting by a specialized Clinical Psychologist. This support has been proven to be very valuable for couples. 

Stage 4 – Therapy Cycle

A treatment protocol is provided including all guidelines and details on what needs to be done and when. 

Stage 5 – Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds take place, within a time frame specified by the Doctor, to ensure that the next phase of the cycle can begin and to evaluate the response to medication. The entire medication period up to ovulation (that is when the doctor will take the eggs from the ovaries) lasts from 12-19 days.

Stage 6 – Blood Tests

Sometimes, it is necessary to test the response to medication. The contemporary therapeutic protocols that we apply require very few or no blood tests. 

Stage 7 – Egg Retrieval

We proceed to egg retrieval when 3 or more follicles have a satisfactory size, whereas the last injection is being applied 36-38 hours before egg retrieval. The whole process lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and it can be completed without using general anesthesia, according to the patient’s wishes. 

Stage 8 – Fertilization Check

The day following the egg retrieval, the embryologist informs the patient how many eggs were fertilized and the possible date of embryo transfer.

Stage 9 – Embryo Transfer

The embryo transfer takes place 2 to 5 days after the egg retrieval. In case there are more embryos that the ones transferred, they can be frozen.

Stage 10 – Pregnancy Test

The patient will take a blood test two weeks after the embryo transfer (in a hospital or a private clinic) or a urine test at home and will inform our clinic on the result.

Stage 11 – Pregnancy Ultrasound

The pregnancy ultrasound takes place 5 week after the embryo transfer. 

The latest Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis methods, emphasizing embryo biopsy at various stages of development, the use of DHEA, particularly in women with poor response to previous IVF cycles, the use of “endometrial scratch”, the adoption of safe but effective parallel ovarian stimulation protocols (which help to prevent the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) are among the latest developments in IVF.

All the aforementioned methods are considered ground-breaking scientific techniques globally. The fact that Dr. Kalampokas is one of the very few Greek researchers/authors included in the most important meta-analysis database in the sector of IVF, called Cochrane, gives him the right to use all these research findings not as an advertisement, but as reference points concerning how his methods are different from the therapies usually offered to infertile couples.  Searching Dr. Kalampokas’ research publications in internationally renowned journals in the Pubmed database, will showcase how his personal research contribution is applied in the clinical approach of each couple in a customized way. 

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IVF by Dr. Kalampokas