Specialized Dentistry of Athens
Dr. Lolis Christos

Dental treatment

The Specialized Dentistry of Athens (SDA) dental clinic, offers specialized services of dental care and healthcare,  provided by a team of twenty trained dentists of all specialties. Our philosophy lies in our belief that any kind of treatment ought to be applied by the corresponding specialized dentist. Our scientific personnel cover the full range of dental specialists.
The ultimate goal of Specialized Dentistry of Athens (SDA) is a high-quality dental care for all the family with the use of the latest and most excellent equipment, the most sophisticated biomaterials and the strictest sterilization methods.
With emphasis on the human contact and the creation of a peaceful, friendly and comfortable environment, at Specialized Dentistry of Athens (SDA) we work out customized treatment plans, discuss alternative solutions with the patients and face any kind of problems concerning the oral cavity.
Scientific Director of the Specialized Dentistry of Athens (SDA) dental clinic is Dr. Christos Lolis.

Dental treatment provided by Specialized Dentistry of Athens


From: 750 €
Root canal
From: 200 €
From: 200 €
From: 350 €
Tooth Filling
From: 80 €
Inlays & Onlays
From: 280 €
Periodontal Therapy
From: 100 €
From: 60 €

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Dr. Lolis Christos

The team

  • Dr. Vrettos Anastasios, Periodontist

    Dr. Vrettos Anastasios


  • Dr. Bogri Kelina, Paediatric Dentist

    Dr. Bogri Kelina

    Paediatric Dentist

  • Dr. Tassopoulos Diamantis, General Dentist and Dental Technician

    Dr. Tassopoulos Diamantis

    General Dentist and Dental Technician

  • Dr. Sigalas Nikolaos, Paediatric Dentist

    Dr. Sigalas Nikolaos

    Paediatric Dentist

  • Dr. Prountzos, Stomatologist

    Dr. Prountzos


  • Dr. Palamidakis Fotios, Endodontist

    Dr. Palamidakis Fotios


  • Dr. Mertziani Evangelia, Restorative Dentist

    Dr. Mertziani Evangelia

    Restorative Dentist

  • Dr. Koutris, Gnathologist

    Dr. Koutris


  • Dr. Katsarou Thomai, Cosmetic Dentist

    Dr. Katsarou Thomai

    Cosmetic Dentist

  • Dr. Kampouropoulos Dimitrios, Cosmetic Dentist

    Dr. Kampouropoulos Dimitrios

    Cosmetic Dentist

  • Dr. Gavela Grigoria, Aesthetic Dentist

    Dr. Gavela Grigoria

    Aesthetic Dentist

  • Dr. Gatou Maria, Prosthodontist

    Dr. Gatou Maria


  • Dr. Tzavaras Vasileios, Prosthodontist

    Dr. Tzavaras Vasileios


  • Dr. Elefthiariadi Iro, Orthodontist

    Dr. Elefthiariadi Iro


Location Description
1 Psichari Str, Athens, Greece
Languages Spoken
English, Czech, Greek


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