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Opsis Clinical is a state of the art Plastic Surgery Clinic in the world known city of Heraklion, Crete whose director is Dr. Ioannis Liapakis, a certified plastic surgeon in Greece and abroad. He is specialized in a wide range of invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgery treatments. 

Dermal fillers with Hyaluronic Acid provided by Opsis Clinical

Wrinkles can be smoothed out by fillers. Some are permanent and occasionally can be rejected, exposed or infected. Others like hyaluronic acid, are absorbable and provide a temporary fill. It is widely used because it is tolerated well.
It can be used to fill wrinkles or to add volume to depressed areas at the face and the body. It also hydrates the skin by bringing water to the surface which gives a more youthful appearance.
The augmentation needs nothing but anesthetic cream before injection and lasts 6-18 months depending on the body chemistry. It has minor complications such as pain and redness and if there is an overcorrection or granuloma formation can be smoothened by hyaluronidase or better by 5FU and triamicinolone injections. Rarely inflammation may be occurred and will be released by cortisone creams and antibiotics.
Finally, permanent and safer filling can be done by fat transfer from one part of the body to another known as fat grafting or lipofilling. The fat used is liposuctioned from the abdomen or the thighs and usually is performed in an outpatient basis. Lipofilling can be used to recontour the face and provide fullness to brows, cheeks, chin, lips and lower eyes, the breast or the buttocks. It lasts longer in areas with no movement and can also improve atrophic aging of the hands. The procedure may need to be repeated until the desired correction has been achieved.  Swelling, bruising or discomfort following the procedure can be easily controlled.


Breast augmentation
From: 3500 €
Breast uplift
From: 3500 €
Breast reduction
From: 3500 €
From: 1500 €
From: 3500 €
Face lift
From: 3000 €
Buttock augmentation
From: 3500 €
Thigh lift
From: 4500 €

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Dr. Liapakis Ioannis 

Location Description
• 48 Anogion str, 71304, Heraklion Crete, Greece
Opsis Clinical is located about 3 km from the center of the city. It can be reached from downtown, Heraklion by taxi or by regular city buses.

• 1 Marathonos str, 10435, Athens, Greece
From the Airport and the center of Athens: Take the Metro, line 3 (blue line) to "Kerameikos" Station.
Languages Spoken
English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French


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