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Eyebrows are one of the most critical elements of the human face that significantly determine our look. In many aspects, eyebrows are more important to the appearance of a person than the scalp, as they hold a more central position in the face and serve to frame the eyes (maybe the most important element of the face). Unlike hair loss in the scalp, the loss of eyebrows is not considered as a natural process and therefore is not acceptable aesthetically.

When can eyebrows loss occur?
Eyebrows loss can be caused by various reasons, including thyroid disorders and other systemic diseases such as alopecia areata, burns, tattoos, infections, repeated depilation, a relative weakness in eyebrows’ growth and a genetic predisposition of the eyebrows to get thinner, or even disappear, over time. 
The eyebrows restoration is similar to the hair transplant process; however, a different technique is followed during the taking and placement of hair. Eyebrows have their own unique traits and this is why eyebrow transplants require high scientific expertise in order to be aesthetically successful.
The restorations of eyebrows are similar to the hair transplant procedures, simply it is followed a different technique during the taking and the placement of the hair. Eyebrows have their own unique traits and eyebrow transplants require special experience so to be aesthetically successful.



FUT technique
From: 2760 €
FUE technique
From: 2060 €
Micro-strip Technique
From: 2760 €
Eyebrow Transplantation
From: 2740 €

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Hair Transplant Clinic is a top specialized Hair Transplant and Restoration clinic in Athens and is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, but also to the surgical restoration of hair to men and women.
Dr. Ioannis Papaggelopoulos and his highly specialized team have extensive experience in hair transplants and have successfully completed thousands of operations in Greece and abroad, something that has positioned Hair Transplant Clinic among the top Hair Transplantation Centers in Europe. Dr. Papaggelopoulos and the group of doctors he cooperates with, offer first class services using their thorough knowledge of surgical hair restoration in order to assess the different options available for the specific problem that the client faces, and to achieve the highest final aesthetic outcome of hair transplantation. 
The transplant surgery is performed by specialized surgeons and only in the presence of all the medical specialties (Surgeon Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Nurses) necessary in this technically difficult operation for it to be painless and successful. 
In order for hair transplantation to be fully successful, the doctor draws up the Personalized Hair Transplantation Plan customized to the needs of each patient, in which all the parameters (elasticity and density of the donor area, future transplantation repetition, etc.) and the characteristics of the person concerned are taken into consideration. In this way, the design and execution of the hair transplant is perfectly suited to the person concerned as well as to the appropriate technique chosen. 
Dr.Ioannis Papaggelopoulos and his medical team aim to offer high quality, effective and permanent solutions against hair loss

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120 Vas. Sofias, Athens, Greece
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