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Infertility treatment

Assisting Nature is a boutique Fertility Clinic located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The clinic operates since 2013, while our team of specialists has over 20 years of experience infertility treatments.


Our team

Number of Doctors: 7                    

Number of Embryologists: 3

Number of IVF Cycles annually: 550

Our team of specialists are highly trained and experienced in the field of Reproductive Medicine and passionate about what they do. 
•    They have studied and worked at the most prestigious universities internationally and are distinguished members of the global reproductive medical community. 
•    Their research has been published in some of the most distinguished medical journals and they are often invited to give lectures worldwide. 
•    Their knowledge, passion, and dedication have resulted in a high level of performance and success rates over the years.


State of the ART Laboratory

The Embryology Laboratory at Assisting Nature is at the core of our IVF Clinic. Our highly trained Embryologists work to determine the best environment, technology, and equipment that meets the highest standards of excellence. They also engage in continuous monitoring and quality control to improve these standards. Their expertise and dedication to lab operations continuously produce high-quality results enabling them to achieve some of the highest live birth rates. 

  • ISO Standards
  • State of the art equipment
    • Benchtop Incubators allow continuous control and stability of all the important parameters and ensure the maintenance of the ideal conditions in an embryo culture
    • Time-Lapse incubator. A time-lapse incubator contains an intergraded video system that allows the continuous digital imaging of the embryos. In this way, embryo cultures can be assessed in a detailed and constant manner, since the fertilization day and until the time of the embryo transfer. Time-lapse incubators offer the advantage of a substantial limitation in embryo handling and condition disruption. Moreover, they offer to the embryologists new morphokinetic values of embryo assessment, to optimize the selection of embryos that can lead to pregnancy.
    • RI Witness using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track and record patient samples at each step of the ART process works as a safeguard and a reassurance for both the clinic and the patients.
  • Log and Guard Alarm systems. Quality Control (QC) and Quality Management Systems in IVF, with a continuous monitoring and alarming system, guarantees uninterrupted optimal culture conditions for the embryos.
  • Hepa filters providing high quality filtrated air under positive pressure. 
  • Certified culture media 

International support team

Our dedicated team of highly experienced fertility coordinators will make your treatment abroad a smooth and pleasant experience. From your very first contact to your way back home after your treatment has been completed, we will be by your side, taking care of all your needs. We will do our utmost to provide you with complete assistance throughout the whole process and will continue to support you after your safe return home.


Patient Care at Assisting Nature

Though childbearing seems a very simple reproduction process, one out of six couples faces difficulties conceiving naturally. Assisting Nature team intervenes by initially seeking the cause of the problem. There in after, the appropriate treatment is provided where possible, otherwise every contemporary method of assisted reproduction is implemented. Depending on each case, methods vary from IUI, NC, and ICSI to more sophisticated methods such as IMSI, time-lapse embryo-culture etc. 
The birth of a healthy child, the safety of the woman during the entire process and the psychological health of the couple are our priorities. We always ensure our patients’ maximum well-being, by applying the best possible assisted reproduction techniques. 
Every patient has different needs, and we are here to provide individualized protocols by medical excellence. With us you will realize that infertility does not mean sterility and you will soon embrace parenthood.


In vitro fertilization-IVF
From: 3400 €
Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
From: 3400 €
Egg Donation
From: 6200 €

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Evangelos Papanikolaou | MD, PhD

Evangelos Papanikolaou | MD, PhD

Prof Papanikolaou Evaggelos, MD, PhD, is a Reproductive Medicine Specialist. Dr. Papanikolaou is a world class recognized Specialist in Fertility treatment and was appointed as a Lecturer of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece since 2015. He is ESHRE and EBCOG accredited as Reproductive Specialist.



Robert Najdecki | MD, PhD

Robert Najdecki | MD, PhD

Robert Najdecki MD, PhD is a Reproductive Gynaecology Specialist. His experience in diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders, such as endoscopic surgery is long and extensive and includes more than 6000 stimulated cycles.



Evi Timotheou | BcS, MSc

Senior Clinical Embryologist, Lab Director

Evi Timotheou received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University of Bologna, Italy in 2004. Her thesis included research about the influence of different culture systems in human ovarian tissue preservation after cryopreservation. Evi began her embryology career in 2004 at University Hospital Sant’ Orsola Malpighi, Institute of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Human Reproduction Unit, Bologna, Italy , trained by Raffaella Fabbri in freezing / thawing ovarian tissue , ovarian tissue culture and electron microscopy techniques. She completed her internship in IVF techniques at Ravenna Hospital, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Italy in 2006. In 2007 she was recruited as embryologist at Genesis IVF Center, Patras, Greece. She joined American Fertility Services Clinic in New York, USA in 2007 and specialized in assisted reproduction techniques including pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and extended embryo culture. In 2009 Evi joined the Team of embryologists at “IVF Athens Center” in Athens, Greece. She obtained her MSc. in Reproductive Science from University of Athens, Medical School. Her research included use of metabolomics in in-vitro fertilization for the embryo development and their relation with the genetic profile of women. From 2013 Evi is ESHRE certified Clinical Embryologist. She joined Assisting Nature as a Senior Embryologist in 2015 and was promoted to Laboratory Director in January 2016. Evi is responsible for all functions of the clinical laboratory including in vitro fertilization, ICSI, assisted hatching, testicular and epididymal sperm preparation, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, oocytes and embryo cryopreservation. Finally she is responsible for the quality assurance and quality control of the Embryology Laboratory. She has co-authored numerous research journal articles in her field and is an active member of The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.


Location Description
G. Kranidioti 2 & Leoforou Therm, Pilaia - Thessaloniki
Languages Spoken
English, French, Italian, Polish, Greek



Patient rated the doctor

I highly recommend dr. Robert! He was very supportive throughout the whole process and provided me with detailed information about the procedure of egg vitrification beforehand. He was also very responsive and extremely nice to work with.

The whole process was smooth and very efficient. I arrived two days before the procedure, but prior to my arrival dr. Robert was answering all of my questions and also coordinating with my local physician to make sure I’m well prepared for the procedure.

All other staff at the Assisting Nature clinic was also extremely nice and caring.

Thank you so much, dr. Robert!


Patient rated the doctor

Even, after so many years of effort.  I don’t remember the time when we wouldn’t try to have a baby … And it didn’t work out … A long time … We went through most of the in vitro clinics in Poland.  With many stimulations and many attempts also on natural cycles.  Unfortunately unsuccessful.  It’s hard to blame the doctors who are not responsible for that …. But it is absolutely certain to me that there is one doctor who is responsible for our happiness.  For being 15 weeks pregnant with our twins.  A doctor who assists nature with professionalism and openness, conducts the most difficult conversation  graced and full of optimism . Doctor Robert Najdecki, who made the entire in vitro process a beautiful experience for me, culminating in a huge success and true happiness.  Indeed, Dr. Robert made me remember what it’s like to be happy. He gave us as much time as we needed.  He was and still is a very close with us, not only as a doctor, but rather as a best friend.  In fact, in vitro can be pleasant, calm and happy ending. Even if something goes wrong for unexplained reasons, what matters? You have the doctor and the team who guides you firstly like a humans and then like a medical staff.  Without a terrible rush and five minutes in the office – that’s what we used to hear in one of the best Warsaw clinics.  During these five minutes we were forced to learn that we should verify our plans to be parents.  No particular justification.  It’s just that not everyone has to be parents – the Head of one of the Warsaw clinics told to us.
The place that Robert and Vangelis Papanikolaou created can hardly be called a clinic (according to Polish criteria).  The name itself took me in a kind of modesty and honesty.  Assisting Nature is simply full of fantastic people.  Doctors are surrounded by great assistants who want to be there and help.  Wonderful, full of good energy, completely natural, with a sense of humor and grace.   I clearly remember a call on Sunday morning from embryologist Petrula, during my procedure.  She has been calling every day  to say how my embryos are.  I’ve never had such a nice and cheerful conversations with an embryologist before.  Without stress but with fun and full of support.  Yes you can do it but you have to find the right people.  My full of energy fertility midwife, Fay reassured, “stop panicking, we will do it perfectly” when my menstruation late before hysteroscopy, and I was in panic about my tickets to Thessaloniki. I am full of admiration and respect for this team – because they want to do it, not because they have to.  All these people are parents of my success and I really admire it.

Thank you … Thank you so much.

As You could see all the roads led me to Greece ?

Jadwika & Waldek


Patient rated the doctor

I’m starting to get some more time and I’m taking the opportunity to write you. Since our return, everything is fine. Jacques is in great shape and he is growing well.

Every day with him is an immense happiness, even more than I imagined! I wanted to thank you for helping us achieve this dream and for helping me to experience the happiness of being a mother.

I wish you a beautiful holiday.

Best wishes,

Stephanie et Jacques


Patient rated the doctor

I am a mama thanks to this wonderful facility and their devoted staff and amazing team of doctors. I am from the states and it was such a smooth and pleasurable experience, not to mention in a beautiful country. If you were ever thinking of IVF, I highly recommend you reach out to them first. Forever grateful to them for making my mama dreams come true!


Patient rated the doctor

we would like to express our gratitude for your valuable contribution to the acquisition of our twin boys.

From our first meeting and throughout our effort
we felt you as our own people, since you inspired confidence. In addition to your excellent scientific training, you have always shown real interest and personal concern to us to give the best possible solution to our problem, as you did it!

The ultramodern environment of the clinic, combined with your excellent collaborators and support staff, won our appreciation and filled us with optimism by approaching us friendly and humane in our every visit.

All your team is like a strong chain of interconnected links under your uninterrupted supervision. We wish you to be always well and continue to give joy to all the lucky ones that appeal to you!

Yours sincerely,
M. & E.M.

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