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In our previous article, we pointed out that plans cannot be made as no one knows what life brings them! And thinking about having children is no exception to this rule.

You are in your early/mid/late-30s, you have your whole life planned, and now you want to get pregnant.

Suddenly your doctor announces to you that you have some infertility issues and that it would be difficult to have children. And your world falls apart, and you begin questioning everything. “Why you? Why now? What will you do? How will you tell the news to your family etc.”

IVF (in vitro fertilization) means fertilization outside of the body and it is the most effective assisted reproduction technique.

First of all, infertility doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never be able to have a child. It may mean that there will be a difficulty but with the right medical guidance and treatment, chances increase. 

Whether you are a different-sex couple, or same-sex, or just a single person wanting to start a family, please by all means do! Bringing a child into this world shouldn’t be only a different-sex couple’s privilege. In 2021 everyone can have a child, because of scientific advancements. 

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has introduced several treatments that can help couples or singles to conceive.

Fertility treatments for single women:

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