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“When you set out for Ithaca
Hope your journey will be long
Filled with adventure, filled with knowledge.” 

In the last 4 years, Dr. Garavelas has been performing Ovarian Rejuvenation PRP at the Institute of Life IASO Maternity Hospital with much success!
The hospital’s performance is mentioned below:

1,200 PRP Ovarian Rejuvenation treatments through transvaginal guided ultrasound with an overall response rate of over 72%

If you are in consideration of IVF, you probably have a lot of questions to address before deciding to proceed with the treatment. Trying to become pregnant is a journey that requires hope, courage and plenty of pregnancy tests. 

Everything you need to know about the treatment that rejuvenates ovaries, achieves pregnancy after menopause and reverses Premature Ovarian Failure naturally.

Your Hormones are determining factors in human reproduction as they are responsible for the control of your menstrual cycle and sexual development. They also play a vital role in your fertility and if they are not functioning as expected fertility problems can occur. The hormones that determine fertility also called reproductive hormones, are 

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